Jack Carlton Reed (1930-2009) was an accidental artist with an infamous history who created an impressive portfolio of pastel paintings while serving life in prison. It was through the creative outlet of painting photograph life-like images that Reed found solace behind bars.

“I have no history of art prior to coming to prison. After a couple of years of absolute boredom, with nothing of interest to me, an acquaintance who was going home left me his pastels, which I had watched him work with, and was somewhat impressed.

“When I select a subject to paint, it always has some significance to me. Race car drivers that I admire; celebrities that I find entertaining; creatures for their beauty; sailboats for their freedom; airplanes for their demanding skills; and so forth. You might say that I attempt to portray in my paintings the visualization of my soul”.

Jack Reed

Jack Reed Self-Portrait

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Limited edition Giclee reproductions are available for purchase. Reed’s art is highly praised. His pastel portrait of “The King”- racing icon Richard Petty- NASCAR’s winningest driver, is proudly displayed in the Richard Petty Museum in North Carolina. For art acquisition, contact us for pricing.

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