As an infamous inmate, untrained artist Jack Reed was known for his controversial past that included working with Carlos Lehder, associate of legendary Drug Lord Pablo Escobar and the notorious Medellin Cartel.

A pilot smuggler for the world’s largest drug operation at the time on the Bahamian out island Norman’s Cay (the island operation was portrayed in the movie Blow starring Johnny Depp), Reed was Lehder’s close friend and Co-defendant in the longest running drug trial in U.S. History.

The former renegade pilot would stumble upon his dormant art talent behind bars, where painting would become his life line. Reed’s colorful pastel paintings reflected his favorite things in life- bringing color to not only a dreary prison environment, but infusing the free world with a vibrancy that paints our lives with his soulful passion.

As a non-violent offender whose Life Prison sentence was a tragic judicial mistake, Reed found solace through his art. He was an exemplary inmate who finally won his Freedom after his Life Sentence was reduced to time served, nearly 23 years behind bars.

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